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“Laurence is a seasoned teacher. He has a great sense and understanding of manufacturing principles incorporating lean techniques. His steely resolve to get things done in a considered and non-confrontational manner, while ensuring timelines are met, made the task easier for management and staff. We undertook a journey together and Laurence’s drive and leadership were first class.”

“Genuine Truck Bodies is certainly a much better business for having Laurence involved. Our staff have engaged with and driven the change process. The desired outcomes were best achieved by Laurence’s willingness to listen, unearth and understand issues and proceed with action. I had a view, but it required a second opinion to reaffirm whether what I saw was correct.”

- Tony Kerr, Executive General Manager, Genuine Truck Bodies 

“Prior to starting the workshop/coaching sessions with Laurence I was generally excited, with a slight level of apprehension about working with a consultant. I always appreciate more training and the opportunity for growth, but in the past I have had bad experiences, in that the consulting was substandard or poorly directed and the training efforts and directions were not shared by senior management. This left a level of disillusion and disappointment. My perception has altered since working with Laurence due to the depth and variety of his industry experience. He was able to guide and direct us in an informal, but insightful manner. Laurence has also taken issues ‘upstairs’ to ensure senior management’s understanding, appreciation and compliance. Laurence delivered the training, tools and insights to achieve the target. Laurence has done it all and he doesn’t just want to talk about it. He has the skill to speak, ‘manufacturing language’ or ‘blue collar language’, as opposed to ‘academic language’ that doesn’t connect with his audience.” 

“I have moved from the day to day ‘working in the business’ to a ‘working on the business’ model and I look at the bigger picture.” 

- Bruce Thomson, Genuine Truck Bodies 

I was quite open in my thinking that an old dog could learn new tricks and I was not disappointed. From Laurence I learned new ways of approaching process management. Since working with Laurence my perception has changed even more, now that I see how we can apply his strategies to improve our efficiency. I like Laurence’s honest approach and his ability to listen to other opinions. It was good to work with someone with similar visions. 

Laurence helped me achieve desired outcomes through his skill to present ideas in a logical manner, which made it much easier to accept. The visual presentation of Mapping Processes provided transparency and user friendly acceptance.” 

- Tom Livingstone, Genuine Truck Bodies 

 “At first I had some reservations about working with Laurence. In my experience some consultants can be a lot of ‘hot air’ with no substance. Laurence, however, presented very well and I felt comfortable with him from the start. Laurence showed me how valuable consultants can be and I am now open to working with consultants in the future. Laurence has industry experience and he can identify with actual situations, which made working with him interesting and insightful. Laurence enabled me to engage with the program and my contributions were acknowledged. Since working with Laurence I have more confidence in myself generally and specifically with tackling problems or tricky situations. I feel that the staff have a greater understanding of what we were trying to achieve, which in turn has created a better bond between employees. I have a clearer vision and I am better equipped to deal with whatever comes my way. Laurence helped me through simple, clear methods and structures that enabled anyone at any level to understand and interact with. His understanding, guidance and practical applications, together with his intuition and mentoring enabled staff to think and grow.”

- Wayne McNabb, Genuine Truck Bodies

 “Laurence was good at getting the employees to see issues in other people’s area of business and getting them to think about solutions to problems from another angle. Laurence has created a more harmonious workforce by allying people in the same direction toward a common goal. Now I start the work day in a much happier and positive frame of mind. Laurence has aligned the workforce. He has greatly reduced the friction between different areas of the company. He has opened up employees eyes as to what can be achieved with thought, discipline and planning.”

- Aaron Commons, Genuine Truck Bodies

“I was skeptical about life coaching at first but was pleasantly surprised at how extremely beneficial it has been to my life. With the guidance from Laurence I have not only changed my thinking and outlook on life but I am now more confidant and enjoying both my work and private life. Thank you Laurence for giving me the opportunity of challenging my mind & showing me how change is so rewarding. I will continue to grow and develop, as I am more confident now. I definitely would recommend Laurence to my friends and family so they could experience the growth and satisfaction that I have experienced.”

- Diane Book