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Our Services

Quasar Business Transformations offers 3 methods for developing your PEOPLE, PLANS and PROCESSES. 

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching is about being able to ask powerful questions in a one-on-one situation. Great coaches ask questions that inspire the individual to reach a new level of thinking. It’s about planting and nurturing new beliefs into the mind of the individual. It’s a transformational process that inspires an individual to become a better person or a better leader. Executive coaching is tailored to help employees meet the day-to-day work demands, and to help them grow into their role. It inspires them to lead and achieve higher levels of performance.  Quasar has the ability and skills to coach your executive team on  a one-on-one basis.

Mentoring is about sharing the past experiences in a one on one situation. Great mentors can inspire and encourage individuals to define their future path in achieving their dreams and aspirations. We mentor and support your team to achieve the plan, and through leadership create a strong foundation for future developments. 


Facilitating is about asking powerful questions to a group of people in a workshop situation. Great facilitators ask questions that inspire and synergise the team to reach consensus and to find a common purpose that motivates the team into reaching new levels of thinking and performance. Quasar provides facilitated workshops to develop organisational strategies to achieve the vision. We facilitate project teams to help them achieve the plan. We give them the tools and the expertise to reach the desired outcomes. 


Training is about sharing a process with a group of people in a way that allows them to learn new methods and skills. Great trainers are enthusiastic about their subject, and can create behavioural changes across a group of people. Motivating them to use the new skills to improve performance. We identify the training needs for your organisation and deliver tailor made facilitated workshops to help your team articulate the vision and identify the action plans for change. 

Our foundation is inspirational leadership and organisational alignment.